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Digital Booth in Stock Market

Author: Sanjir Islam Dewan
Published on: 04/Jan/2022


After receiving a recommendation from the stock market, stock brokerage firms can apply to the securities regulator for approval for any booth.


  • The use of digital booths is projected to increase trade volume.
  • The stock market will be available to investors in rural areas around the country.
  • Brokerage firms will put down Tk1 lakh for each booth within the country and Tk10 lakh for each one outside.
  • The branch's head office will be in charge of the booths.
  • Trading security will be ensured by firms adhering to laws.

Stock brokers can now open digital booths across the country and even internationally to attract a larger audience of investors. By issuing an order, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) made it easier for stock brokers to expand their businesses. After receiving a recommendation from the stock exchanges, stock brokerage firms can apply to the securities regulator for approval for any booth. According to a BSEC official, only enterprises with suitable infrastructure, facilities, financial strength, and staff will be able to expand. The booths will be handled and supervised directly by the brokerage firms, and no other parties will be allowed to run them. Across the country, the companies will be permitted to set up digital booths at the City Corporation, municipality, Union Parishad, and district levels. They can also open booths in other countries to extend their business and make services more accessible to capital market investors.

However, once the enterprises have received the appropriate consent from the relevant country's authority, they must obtain the necessary license from the country's authority.

Services of Digital Booth

  • BO Opening
  • Online Trading
  • Instant IPO Application
  • Closing of BO Accounts
  • Account's balance verification
  • Training on Capital Market-Half Yearly

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