Why us?

Platform & Technology

* Trade from anywhere and any platform including Web, Desktop and Mobile.
* Intelligent Mobile App designed to keep control over Portfolio and Market.
* Trading, Charting, and Analysis, all rolled into one next generation trading system.
* Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTN) with all Banks Nationwide.
* Email Confirmation and SMS Alert for Investor's Safety.


* 1,00,000+ happy customers, averaging a daily turnover of over crores.
* 100+ Team Members are dedicated to provide support for your queries via Phone / Email.
* 10+ years expertise in the Stock market Trade and Analysis.
* Chat facility on our website for all your queries.
* 365 Days, 24 Hours Free Online Website and Mobile App.
* Quick Account Opening in 1 hour after submitting all required documents.


* Low cost, two different brokerage plans (Primary/Secondary) that match your trading needs.
* Flexibility to change between any of the brokerage plans at any point of time.
* Zero, Yearly Maintenance cost (Exception: Only Govt Cost is Applicable).
* Zero, Yearly Tax Certificate Cost & Paper Statement Cost.
* Zero, hidden cost.